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Panties to Go!
The SPairz Story

It was 2004, at our monthly 'Girls Night Out' in Atlanta, and the conversation turned to getting older and how our bodies were starting to fall apart.  Things just weren't working like they used to and accidents were starting to happen.  Martha announced that she always kept a 'spare pair of underwear in her glove compartment'!  Everyone around the table nodded their understanding and agreement. By the time we finished the second bottle of wine, we had the panties compressed and shrink-wrapped. 

I firmly believed that the idea had promise. To add to the physical necessity of a spare pair of underwear, we’ve all had nightmare travel stories, and other places like hospitals, theme parks or the gym where we’ve been stranded without a clean pair of underwear. The list just gets longer every day!

Time passed - several of us moved on to different jobs, cities and lives.  I always expected that one of us would take the concept to the next level, but no one did.  So, in March, 2009, the fates converged and I had the opportunity to take the next step.  SPairz was born!

I've learned that development of a new product is not a linear process.  The original SPairz was going to be about the size of a 50 cent piece.  The technology couldn't handle the size or the elastic so I had to move to the business card size.  I know how Goldilocks must have felt - the first sample was too big, the second was too tall, but the third was just right.  Finally, by July of 2009 the sample was complete and SPairz took another big step forward!

By August of 2009, I located a manufacturing group in Texas that could make the panties. I was delighted to be able to add 'Made in the USA' to the package. And by December, I had inventory - SPairz are here!

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